A Weighty Debate Kate Bosworth or Her Dog?

A Weighty Debate: Kate Bosworth or Her Dog?


We don’t mean to keep picking on the possible evaporation ofKate Bosworth, but, well, we’ve seen strands of dental floss that weigh more than this talented actress.

Or at least large, hungry canines. In this image, theSuperman Returnsstar is walking her pup and we couldn’t help but wonder: who weighs more?

Bosworth is Thin


Tenley Molzahn Happy For Vienna Girardi! Really!

Tenley Molzahn: Happy For Vienna Girardi! Really!


Millions tuned in to see Jake Pavelka propose to Vienna Girardi on Monday’s season finale of The Bachelor. Most of those millions were pulling for Tenley Molzahn.

In the hours that followed Jake’s decision, fans flocked to the Internet, outraged. But Tenley, a 25yearold college admissions administrator, isn’t bitter herself.

That’s just not whoTenley Molzahnis.

“I’m feeling good,” she says. “I have a lot of peace with Jake’s decision.” Molzahn talked withPeopleyesterday aboutThe Bachelor.Excerpts appear below …

On her finalrejection by Jake: "It was a very startling moment for me. I wasn’t ready to say goodbye because that relationship, that friendship was over."

OnVienna Girardi: "I actually didn’t ever get to know Vienna. In the mansion we stayed on different sides of the house. If Jake found something in Vienna that he is so in love with, then I’m happy for them. If they love each other, well, good for them."

Jake Pavelka, Tenley Molzahn

What could’ve been: Bachelor finalist Tenley Molzahn and Jake Pavelka.

On her fan favorite status: "Some people might be disappointed, but I hope theyget over itknowing I’ve been walking around so happy and beaming.The Bachelorexperience was just what I needed. To fall in love with Jake is what I needed."

On people’s reactions since the finale: "It gets really emotional, actually. People come up to me at the store or Starbucks or where I work on a college campus and just hug me. I’ve had women cry, and tell me my story has resonated with them."

On her dating status: "I have not been dating since I got home."

On having no Bachelor regrets: "I will always appreciate the whole experience with Jake because he helped me feel confident, helped me dream again, helped me find what I need to keep alive when I meet that man I’m supposed to be with."

We hope you do find him soon, girl. We hope you find him soon.

Will Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi last?

Yes. They are made for each other!
No. Terrible choice, Jake!

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